The Day I Married A Polar Bear: 

A mythical tale about a young woman who wakes up one morning to discover she has been promised to the town polar bear.

But on her way to the wedding she discovers he isn't like all of the others...


Image courtesy  Zuzanna Celej

Image courtesy Zuzanna Celej

In the tradition of native folk tales, where the animals represent spirit and medicine, this story of a modern day woman who chooses to bond with the wild, at the risk of losing her friends and her dreams, shows us the power of story and of myth. In a lyric, dreamlike voice, Leah narrates a modern myth that shows us the conflicts and hard decisions we have to make living in the contemporary world.
— Nathan Long, author

Feel free to donate any amount from $1-$100. Don’t freak out when you see paypal’s $75 and $100 because that is their default value which we cannot change.

A modern myth that weaves polar bears, marriage, and climate change to explore the ways we are transformed by the things we love… for better or worse. “Polar Bear” lives in the magical space where things aren’t always what they seem, and change is an opportunity.
— Melanie Lamaga, Editor-in-Chief, See the Elephant Magazine







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100% of the donation are being donated to generated by this story will go towards the launching the pilot program of The Whale Dreamer Engagement Campaign; an initiative designed to support and encourage young people to engage their local communities in ocean stewardship.


The Whale Dreamer Engagement Campaign

Image courtesy Shawn Heinrichs

Image courtesy Shawn Heinrichs


The Whale Dreamer Engagement Pathway is an engagement campaign associated with The Whale Dreamer young adult book series that is designed to engage youth through a mythic tale about a young girl who is called to by the whales. While this is a mythical story, it is rooted in reality and takes on the 6th mass extinction, the state of the oceans, while asking who owns the dreams of our future? 

This spring we are launching the pilot program which is designed to encourage youth to take ACTION KITS to their local restaurants and schools to influence their impact on the ocean through the plastics they use and the food they serve to promote ocean stewardship. For this purpose, we're raising 60K to hire two staff members, pay teacher stipends, develop the restaurant report card with Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Watch Program and develop the Action Kit that educates restaurants on planet forward solutions. You can learn more about the Action Kits here.

The second part of our Engagement Pathway focuses on Land Stewardship where readers will be given opportunities to discover additional information about the animals mentioned in the book, and the conservation efforts in place to protect them. More importantly readers will be introduced to organizations and individual who are taking action to help protect these animal. Members of The Whale Dreamer Society will be directed toward specific actions that they can join forces with and watch how their collective efforts are measured and influencing the planet.

Feel free to donate any amount from $1-$100. Don’t freak out when you see paypal’s $75 and $100 because that is their default value which we cannot change.

Image by Ajith Kumar ( CC BY 2.0 )

Image by Ajith Kumar (CC BY 2.0)


Artists statement: When this story arrived, I was touched by the eternal connection of all beings and the potency of love that was living in the midst of complicated times. I knew from the beginning that I wanted this story to be collaborator in the name of serving the polar bears who are featured in it. I have a practice of raising funds for an organization I care about each year-- and in 2018 opted to dedicate all of the funds to two organizations I care deeply about.  


About the author:

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Leah Lamb, MSW, studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and with many masters of story in theater, film, and the ancient art of storytelling. 

For seven years she worked as a wilderness guide with youth with youth at risk. Her storytelling has taken on several mediums, including launching the Green Channel at the Emmy award winning television network, Current TV, and has written about the environment for National Geographic News Watch, Planet Green, Huffington Post Spirituality & Health Magazine and Fast Company.  Leah works one on one with people through the form of Soul Stories, a form of mystical storytelling that allows for people to explore their archetypal structure and examine their lives through the metaphors presented in the mythic landscape. 

Her work focuses on strengthening  communities, and creates unique gatherings where participants can work within the mythic form of exploring how we are living in the cosmos, and in our consciousness. Lamb is committing to working with stories to meet the moment of the times we are living in, and views stories as the vehicle to explore beauty, grief, loss, and love. The Whale Dreamer is her first novel.