A Soul Story is a one-of-a-kind story that is intuited just for you… a story designed to speak to your soul.

Through the language of myth, symbols, and archetypes, Soul Stories bring about a deeper comprehension and reflection, and offer a shift in consciousness. Their ingredients are simple: spirit, mythology, archetypes, humor, and irreverence.

It is an ancient healing art where, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With The Wolves explains, "The storyteller senses the audience and enters a world between worlds where a story is attracted to the ... teller and told through her...by calling on El Duende...the wind that blows soul into the faces of listeners."

Soul Stories are perfect for rights of passages, major life stages, specific issues, and gifts. Recent requests have been for birthdays and weddings.


A Soul Story is, at its core, medicine for your spirit… a reflection of your soul's journey.

It will:

  • Involve mythic elements and often a bit of magic

  • Uncover and explore what you need to be paying attention to in your life

  • Help you along your path of growth

  • Bring to light factors and influences that may be outside of your field of vision

  • Provide an opportunity to examine your life through a mythic lens

  • Offer you a vehicle to dive deeply into something you may want to change

  • Highlights your strengths and challenges at this stage in your life journey

"When Leah first shared Soul Stories with me, I understood exactly what she is doing: she is a story oracle. Leah has a rare gift of using the ancient art of story telling as a healing art. With intelligence, depth, and a dash of playfulness she wove a story and created meaning of the metaphor so that I was able to receive a mythical version of myself, revealing some of the deepest truths that were alive in my unconscious.  Soul Stories serve as yet another tool to connect to the divine self. It is an opportunity not to be missed!"

 -Marci Shimoff,  Speaker &Author, "Happy for No Reason", "Love For No Reason", and "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul"


"Leah lives in story, it resonates in her being – as a teller, as a writer/thinker, as an activist/world changer, as a contemporary artist rooted in the ancient. She knows the alchemy of myth and the miracle of life, and the tangible magic of language performed."

-Joe Lambert, Founder, Center for Digital Storytelling