I need to be more gentle... (Day 2 Green Gift & Golden Nugget Newsletter)

I need to be more gentle...

...with my beloveds...

during these times
that hold more mystery
than what I am used to.
Perhaps you know what I mean.
Ingredients for being gentle during challenging times: 
1 cup of 3 steps back
4 bowls of of deep breathing
Mix gently (don’t shake)

Cover with frosting made from:
8 hours of restful sleep
1 foot rub or back massage (not necessary but helps)
15 minute walk outside
10 minutes in a hot bath
Mix tenderly and sprinkle on an episode of Mork & Mindy
If you missed yesterday’s email…you missed the announcement that you are experiencing Day 2 of my advent newsletter. One will arrive each day (or so)  till the end of the year. It is filled with 1 life affirming gift idea, 1 soul feeding golden nuggets, and 1 idea for how to bring more story into your life.
Your Life Affirming Green Gift Idea for the Day: 

Amanda Sage’s wacky and wild leggings, ponchos, yoga wear and more have are covered in her visionary art design prints. In other words...she has put her paintings onto clothing
I saw Amanda speak on a panel at Burning Man this summer. While looking at this image I had an ah-ha moments… But first some backstory: I’m obsessed with the process we need to go through to vision a thriving future when faced with the science of climate change (more on that later). We are living through one of the most extraordinary times on the planet where our vision of the future and what we believe is possible will influence what we strive to create. While looking at Amanda’s image it occurred to me that while we can’t necessarily see what the future looks like, we can start believing in who we want to and can be in the future…and design from that place.
Your Golden Nugget for the Day  
Jimmy Carter: Crisis of Confidence Speech:1979
Sit down for this one.
For the 3 min version of his incredible prophetic message go here:
For the entire speech go here:
Ways to Bring More Story Into Your Life
How might life feel different if you could walk through the world knowing the mythic reality of your hero’s journey?

Let’s talk about your Soul Story.
These are one of a kind stories that are created just for you that provide symbols, archetypes, and metaphors that provide a wide angle lens to examine your life through.

It’s like Carl Young meets Joseph Campbell at a cosmic rave party...and you are the star of the show. Each Soul Story includes a song and an audio recording and in depth exploration about how to use the tools and guidance that is in your story. (Another epic life affirming gift idea if I don't say so myself).Don't just take my word for it...see what the critics have to say. 
Good Quote
“One of our people in the Native community said the difference between white people and Indians is that Indian people know they are oppressed but don’t feel powerless. White people don’t feel oppressed, but feel powerless. Deconstruct that disempowerment. Part of the mythology that they’ve been teaching you is that you have no power. Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.”
― Winona LaDuke (thank you Celia for sharing this). 
Until we meet again,
PSSST.  Have an idea for something that should be featured in here? Do tell.

You can still catch Day 1 of Green Gift ideas such as the morning altar image created by Day Schidkret featured at the top of this page.