Come Closer

If you are voting for Trump, even though I won't, don’t click away... Actually… come closer.


If you are against a woman having the opportunity to make a choice, even though I am not, come closer.


When you tell me your children are vulnerable because of Muslims, and people from Mexico are rapists and murders, I really need to be closer to you.


When the fear that turns to hate that turns to rage starts to boil in my skin and catapults a memory of being singled out as separate to the surface, and the DNA of my ancestors springs to life when the hate you speak speaks to the hate and fear in me…


We should really come closer


So that our hearts are within reach. Actually, place your hand on my heart. And please, let me touch yours.


And let's rest in the rhythm of our beat.


Look into my eyes

So we can put down the weapons of our minds

Lay down our stories


Let's talk about the children we love.


I promise to listen.


Let me put down my righteousness speech about social justice, equality, and human dignity, because when I listen to you I hear how those words have been hijacked by people who are out to make a buck from their radio and tv show and those words…even though they are my intimates, my beloveds, those words aren’t our friends today. So let me put them down.


While I listen for your heart.


Let's break bread. And talk about food, and what the world feels like when you get what you want and I get what I want…to feel safe, to be cared for, to be loved, to eat well, to love well, to sleep well, to feel safe.


No matter what you say you believe


Come closer

No closer

Let's listen.

Image by Enkel Dika