Teachers VS Wisdom Keepers

"Whatever you're trying to do over there-- you're not going to do it that way."

I was trying to figure out my whole life.
While filling my car with gas at the gas station.

My brows must have been furrowed something fierce because the guy pumping gas beside me was inspired to reach out to tell me life doesn't work that way. Man oh man was he right. What an act of generosity. What a teaching.

This much I understand today: anyone who declares themself a teacher, and then tells you to pay them for the experience of giving away your self authority... isn't to be confused with wisdom and knowledge keepers.

My teachers are the ones woven so finely into the thread of life that they sneak up when I least expect them. And they rarely require that I pay them for the luxury of learning from them.


Some of my favorite covert teachers slip in without rhyme reason, and usually without bells or whistles. Such as the woman who sat next to me on an airplane at a turning point in life when I thought I was about to abandon a path committed to youth.

Just last week, a homeless woman sat next to me at a coffee shop and struck up a conversation. As you might imagine my first inclination was to focus on my ditrac-o-gadget, but for one reason or another what she said engaged me, and then she asked me a big question. A really big question. A declaration to universe question. Which invited me speak something out loud I had never been willing to speak out loud before.

The teachers I work with are the ones who live close in.
Interwoven in the day to day.
My family.
My friends.
My beloveds.

And just when I think I've figured out how to spot them, they sneak in disguised as a story that has taken up residence between myself and someone I care about.
They live inside of every conflict.
Inside of every rub.
Every yes. Every no.

And then there are the super covert operators, who teach just by being, their teaching so strong the student has to not only have the lens to see them, but the tools necessary to metabolize and digest them. 
Ahhh~ this school of life is so much fun.

The story of young people being betrayed and trespassed upon by people who claim to be their teachers is overwelming in my field of awareness today.

i know I'm winning when I see the upset with someone as an opportunity to learn something that is being offered to be taught. And I know I'm losing when if I think I'm right and they're wrong. 

And I do wish that as a collective we could help younger people, younger women in particular, learn how to make the distinction between someone who claims to be a teacher, and someone who is a bit further down the path, knows how to wield a tool or two, and is committed to either teaching you how to use the tool they learned how to use, or supporting you to identify your own tools of self mastery.

And don't get me wrong, there are a lot of wisdom holders and knowledge keepers I love studying with. And those teachers...who teach through betrayal...well...if we were to weave a mythic story about the gifts they ultimately offer if the student can distance the lesson from the messenger, well then, that could be a fine story to weave into being.

May the stories you tell be kind and generous teachings,