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It all started when...

You decided to stay yes. 

I am so looking forward to dipping in with you. To diving in with you. To walking around the edges of your story and feeding what is starved, and cutting off and burning what is dead. 

To begin...let's start by listening. Just listening. Going for long walks, bring a small pad and pen with you. And write what comes to mind with no destination in mind. Just listening. 

On Friday, Sept 8th at 5:45 SHARP we will meet at the Redwood Park Parking Lot entrance in the far right corner (not to worry, I'll send along an email reminding you of this again. At 6pm we will wander down the trail to a place where we will circle and share our stories in the presence of the redwood trees. 

On Saturday, we will gather at 10am until approximately 7pm. The amount of participants will influence how long our day goes. I beg you to leave your evening open until 9pm just in case....

If you have questions or answers...meet me here: leahlamb@gmail.com

If you purchased a private Soul Story Session, please schedule your Soul Story session here.