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December 10th, BrooklyN

Soul Story Circle

Soul Story circles are a potent and life affirming way to be in community and explore what is in our collective consciousness through a story that is divined in the moment.

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"When you discover the storied pedigree of Leah Lamb and read what is written and sense what wasn't written suddenly the wind is at your back to gather her into your home and make space for her. You call all your like minded friends on short notice to bend their ears and necks to a story not yet told. Leah makes this seem like a very grand idea. A normal one. And it was normal in a time before ours. Then these people all show up. Not just in body but in attention-- because of how Leah commands the ceremony and story and the crowd writes for days about how great Leah was. This might happen to you" 

~Matthew Stillman, Author, Genesis Deflowered 

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The Soul Story of 2017

Free online event December 31st, 9am PST/ 12pm EST

I'm hosting a free online event to call in The Soul Story of 2017. It will be a way for us to reflect on the times we are living in, examine our collective consciousness, and explore what role we are each playing in the great story of our time.

And...I'm thrilled to be joining forces with archetypal astrologer Rebecca M Farrar who will be speaking a bit to the astrological influences of these times. Bring a journal. 

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Winter Solstice: December 21st, New York City

The Story of The Witch, The Alchemist Kitchen

Join us for on this darknest night of the year before the return of the light for an evening of exploring the mythology of the witch and how these stories and lineage influences our modern day relationship to magic, medicine, and self expression. This will be an event unlike other, and mixes story with ceremony to create a dynaimc group experience.

What to expect: 
This evening will satiate the souls of people who feel a connection with the witches who were destroyed for the knowledge they held and and the way they conjured with language. We will begin with the telling of a myth and will weave the alchemy of working with tinctures and herbal plant medicine wisdom to support the internal process. We will go through a group process of exploring where we are living in the mythology and explore how to transform how we are living in our own stories. 

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January 7th, Berkeley, CA

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This is my third year I have had the opportunity to join forces with Marta Maria for this delightful event.

Temple Woman is a JOYFUL heart-centered “ATTUNE UP” and a spiritual celebration of your soul!

Temple Woman lives within each of us: body, mind, and spirit. She is brave, on her spiritual path, and playful. She has access to her loving wisdom and chooses to be a force of love in the world. From that place, we unite as empowered sisters and friends to culminate our divine expression. In Community Embrace, we Attune our inner Temple Woman through ancient wisdom teaching, modern ritual (which draw upon multiple traditions), and spiritual play. Get tickets here. 

January 26-28: Kauai

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3 Day Workshop

Put the sacred back into your storytelling.

  • On Friday eve we will gather at the beach around the fire and catch hold of the myths that are are living through us.

  • On Saturday, we will gather to take hold of our magic wands (the pen) and explore the process of discovering the mythic realities in our every day lives as we weave and reweave the stories of our journey.

  • On Sunday we will meet at Kim Muria's artist studio and create a scared tool that we can use in our storyteling practices. 

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FebRuary 17 & 18th: Maui

1.5 Day Workshop

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If you have a story you don't know how to tell, this deep luscious dive into the mystery of creation and recreation is for you.

We will swim in the wake of a specific experience in your life. We will make myth, poem, song, and story as we work with the elements and invite in the muse as we make meaning and bring beauty to unresolved experiences. 

Life provides test that are the gateway to discover who we are.

These threshold events show us what we are made of, and eventually become the foundation for who we will one day become.


Feb 22-26th Booneville, CA

5 Day Retreat

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Join Riyana and myself for a five-day long immersion where we will delve into the potent mythology of the witch while developing your storytelling skills and personal mythology, renewing your relationship to sacred practices, and crafting herbal remedies for the modern world.

In this deep dive, experiential retreat, we will reclaim what was lost during the Burning Times and throughout centuries of oppression, patriarchy, racism, and colonization, and rediscover for ourselves the knowledge and magic of our lineages, stories, bodies, and the earthbody of nature.

We will work with the archetype of the witch as it has been carried through time, incorporating herbal medicine, plant magic, and ritual to support an alchemical process of stepping into the power of a new story while weaving our healing practices, creative work, activism, and personal transformation into the magic of the Great Turning.