Action Guide To Launching A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


  • Save yourself about 20+ hours of research. And get the best resources online presented all in one place.
  • Raise more money, faster, and with much less stress and anxiety
  • Set yourself up for lower tax liability and easier tax reporting
  • Learn how to deal with emotional ups and downs of asking friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangersto contribute to your campaign.
  • Get tons of stories, case studies, strategies, tactics, tips and tricks from some of the most successful crowdsourcing campaigners out there.

You Will Receive: 

  • Sample scripts to use in your fundraising campaign
  • Insight on how to analyze your network and skills to run a successful campaign
  • Guidance on how to think about price structure and avoid the traps of bad incentives
  • Community organizing tips and advise
  • Information about how to manage your tax liability
  • Template emails to use to enlist people to support your campaign
  • Instruction on how to prepare and execute your public relations and social media strategy
  • Figure out how to determine if you and your social network have what it takes to meet your goal
  • Determine which crowdsourcing service is for you
  • Learn how to budget and write your campaign video
  • Learn how to determine your rewards
  • Find your “special sauce”, your unique edge, so that it shines through your campaign
  • Determine how to decide if you should do press release or consider hiring someone to help with your PR






The Art of Giving While Receiving

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There is an art to giving while recieving... and fundraising can be a powerful means to building a community and maybe even a movement that will continue to support your work and vision for years to come. 

Crowdfunding has revolutionized our capacity to organize the flow of our resources to what we want to see manifest in the world. Entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and everyone in-between are using crowdfunding to raise money for everything from completing creative projects, to raising money for ill loved ones, to developing new products. But you already knew that. 

My first Kickstarter campaign failed. And that my friends, is how I learned how not to run a crowdfunding campaign.

So I hit the books, read everything I could on the topic, and learned how to run an epic campaign. I went on to launch 2 other Kickstarter campaigns that met (and exceeded) their fundraising goals. I discovered that despite all the huge success stories, running a crowdfunding campaign requires a lot of sweat, excel spreadsheets, and behind the scene strategy that nobody but you and your people will see. I also learned that all of my skills in community organizing, communications work, social media, film production, and campaign development were necessary to suceed. I bring a holistic perspective to crowdfunding and believe this is a powerful place to play on many levels. 

Every campaign I have consulted on has met their goal, to date I have helped raise over $175,000.  





§  90 minute strategy session $200  –You receive the ACTION GUIDE TO LAUNCHING A SUCCESFUL CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN + This session reviews your campaign and we will set up the design and strategy to get you started. This is good for people who are raising under 10K, and a great way to ensure that you have a clear strategy that will carry you through. Anyone who signs up most go through a 15 minute assessment. I do not take clients I don't believe have the capacity to meet their goals. Please schedule a 15 minute assesment first. 

§  Full Day Strategy Design Session: $600 – We will roll up our sleeves and spend the day teasing out every angle of your campaign. We’ll set up your systems, develop your voice, and develop your calendar for implementation. This is particularly beneficial to social good campaigns where you need to build out your community organizing plan and strategy. You receive the ACTION GUIDE TO LAUNCHING A SUCCESFUL CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN + The Next PDF (in production) about how to manage your campaign once it is launched. 

§  Retainer –  Email me to discuss. This option is best if you’d like me to be much more hands on with your campaign, guide it from start to finish, reviewing your video, editing emails, etc. I would work directly with you and your campaign team. This is very helpful if you need help with your tone and messaging. 



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Leah Lamb is a media activist, writer and producer based in the bay area, CA. She has produced 2 successful kickstarter campaigns and consulted on many others. She was the Director of Online Outreach for Current TV, and designed and implemented documentary film campaigns for Active Voice. She brings a breadth of experience in online communication, community building, production, and a passion for seeing creators accomplish their visions.
“Leah was excellent at helping me clarify my crowdfunding campaign strategy and goals. She sees crowdfunding holistically - as not only a way raise funds, but also as a great way to build audience and awareness.  Plus, her lust for life is infectious!” -Mike Seely, Filmmaker, creator of the Exiled crowdfunding campaign
“Leah was insightful, organized, and thorough, and great with our contact on the phone. Her crowdfunding advice was just the nudge we needed to help us to the finish line.” -Marcia Jermal, creator of the (R)Evolution Cuba crowdfunding campaign
“I consulted with Leah when building a Kickstarter campaign for my film Love Thy Nature. She shared great tips and insights, which helped us reach and exceed our financial goal.”   -Sylvie Rokab, creator of the Love Thy Nature crowdfunding campaign
"Leah has hit the nail on the head here -- clear, concise -- and succinct direction on setting up your own crowdfunding campaign. She has learned from her own experience and has done a huge service for those looking to set up their own campaign -- in any realm. And if you get stuck or mired down? She's available for one-on-one consultations - or if what you need is a guide, she's qualified from start to finish." -Joni Cooper, Award-winning documentary producer, former Director of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival at the Banff Centre
"Leah's gift of sharing experiences and insights in this important area will benefit many projects.  The information, the practical advice and tips, the social insights that are so much a part of this, all make this a must have and must use for anyone considering crowdfunding." -Craig Malina, The Video Project